Get Your Plane Back in The Air


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Global Team of Aerospace Industry Experts
AGX’s dedicated and highly experienced Aviation Shipping Specialists create comprehensive logistical solutions to help keep down time to a minimum, our global team has the longest tenure in the aviation shipping industry and have extensive aviation knowledge and backgrounds from all types of companies, from part suppliers to OEMs to airlines.
A dedicated team of AOG professionals, so you can be assured of getting critical spare parts, where you need them, as fast as you need them. That’s twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. And, as with aftermarket spares, we maintain complete visibility and traceability.
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AOG (Aircraft on Ground)
When aircrafts are grounded, every minute counts to minimize the loss of revenue. AGX’s AOG Aircraft Parts Shipping Services can help get you back in the air as soon as possible.
24/7 priority pick-up and delivery to and from anywhere in the world.
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AOG Loan-Borrow Recovery
Sometimes in an AOG situation, borrowing a part is the best solution – but it comes at a price. Let AGX help you shave time off your loan and reduce your borrow fees.
Our Recovery Service focuses on reducing your overall logistics expenses by speeding delivery of the part back to the airline, manufacturer or vendor that you borrowed from.
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Aviation Dangerous Goods Shipping
With AGX, an expert in moving dangerous goods, you can effectively minimize the risk of shipping delays. Our global team of IATA trained and certified experts is on call 24/7 and fully up-to-speed on the international rules and regulations governing dangerous goods transport to ensure your packages are always in compliance.
Our comprehensive Dangerous Goods Shipping gives you fast, secure and worry-free delivery of your HAZMAT shipments
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Next Flight Out
Do you ever feel like the clock is literally working against you? AGX’s Next Flight Out Services can put time back on your side.
With Next Flight Out (NFO), our expedient shipping solution, you get it all. Your aircraft parts are picked up any time of the day or night, 365 days a year
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Aero Trucks– Priority Ground Logistics
AGX’s AeroTrucks solution offers the industry’s fastest response and delivery times combined with unparalleled security and asset protection, since components are inside the covered truck from pick up through delivery. Specifically, our aviation shipping expertise gives you access to best-in-class ground logistics.
AGX’s knowledge of various engine types and sizes enables us to identify and work with the characteristics of each jet engine shipment, safe and secure transport of the aircraft engine with minimal loading time and maximum attention to detail. Aircraft engine transportation and aircraft component logistics is a specialized task that requires years of experience and knowledge of the critical nature of the cargo