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Door-to-Door Services
We can deliver your goods straight to your doorstep with utmost care through our vast network of agents and couriers around the world.
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Top Urgent Direct Consignments
We shrink the globe for your cargo that calls for rapid deliveries.
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Worldwide Consolidations
Consolidated freights are handled with utmost safekeeping to make sure we deliver both quality service and your cargo to the designated area.
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Combined Sea/Air and Air/Sea Services
Allow us to help you combine the efficiency of air freight with the affordability of sea freight for your shipment, through a safeguarded and reliable process.
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A single contract for multiple shipping made possible with our foolproof system.
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Hand Carry/Messenger Services
Guarantee a safe and on-time arrival of your hand carry goods done by our reliable and experienced troop of messengers.
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Aircraft on Ground (AOG)/ Emergency Service 24/7, 365/Out of Stock/Repair Movements
Aircraft parts and other materials are guaranteed for any emergency that may interrupt the delivery of your goods.
Compliance and Local Knowledge
The maze of regulations, security and compliance requirements is endless and can delay your air freight shipment. With our vast network and connections around the globe, we are more than ready to assist you from A to Z customs clearance, security, license requirements, regulations, and other essentials to avoid untimely delays, potential fines, or penalties.
Our experienced and up-to-date air freight professionals have knowledge of local conditions, rules and regulations ensuring the proper handling of administrative and documentation procedures for your cargo at any region on the planet.